Microsoft Teams in 2020 and Why You Need It.

The Covid-19/coronavirus outbreak is rapidly changing the way we work. More and more businesses are encouraging staff to work from home to keep staff, families, customers, and communities safe during a challenging time. 

As it looks likely that a huge part of the workforce in London and across the UK will now be working from home for some time, businesses need to take urgent steps to ensure their staff can work efficiently, securely and confidently from home. 

Being able to work as normally as possible, albeit from home, will not only help protect your business but will also provide stability and reassurance for your employees. This is particularly important at a time when they may need additional emotional support, as well as practical help. 

There are lots of strategies you can put in place to help your teams work productively from home. Things to consider include: 

  • How to provide supervision to staff 
  • How you will allocate tasks 
  • How to set clear goals, expectations and deadlines 
  • How staff can access all the information and documents they need 
  • How to provide a support network so staff don’t feel isolated 
  • How to continue running meetings, briefings and catch-ups 
  • How to keep confidential data secure 

One system that can help you achieve all the above is Microsoft Teams. While many businesses have been using Teams within the office environment for years, the platform also offers major benefits when staff are working remotely. 

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